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Why Your Pharmacy Needs an IVR System for Patient Engagement

The role that pharmacies play in patient care and the technology that underlies it are essential. Currently, processes such as manually entering data repeatedly into multiple systems and attending patient enquiry calls are time-consuming and prevent pharmacy staff from focusing on clinical activities that impact patient outcomes.

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System?

During COVID-19, technology was emphasized as a force for change, especially in Pharmacies in Milton, where the possibility of eliminating manual tasks and improving medication supply chain visibility can and will improve quality, reduce efforts and costs, and increase human efficiency.

IVR for Pharmacies

An interactive voice response (IVR) system is capable of handling incoming calls at your drug stores in Milton. It will talk to patients on your behalf and guide them to the relevant information instead of requiring employees to always pick up the phone and stop what they’re doing. IVR systems provide computerized answers to general questions such as store information, prescription status, and refill requests. Patients can select a button on a keypad that corresponds to the reason for their call.

If you choose an IVR system that can integrate with your pharmacy software, you will be able to make your life easier and offer convenience to your patients, allowing them to get their questions answered immediately. For a growing pharmacy business, an IVR system is essential. You will want to automate tasks at your medical shop in Milton so that you can spend more time interacting with patients and enhancing your pharmacy’s services.

You’ll be able to get organized, save time, and tailor your interactions to your patients’ needs when you use IVR to filter through incoming calls. By combining clinical expertise and advanced data analytics capabilities, the solution provides a seamless, convenient, and enhanced patient experience.

Take a look at our list below to learn about the benefits of having an IVR system at your pharmacies in Milton.

A reduction in administrative burden

The healthcare industry has been hit hard by Covid-19. Although doctors, clinicians, and primary care providers have been the focus of attention, pharmacists are also struggling under the weight of administrative work. Patient safety can be put at risk due to the increased workload on clinical care teams. The purpose of IVR is to free pharmacists at drug stores in Milton from administrative tasks so that they can dedicate more time and attention to what matters most – their patients.

Route calls automatically

A customized message will be played whenever a customer calls your pharmacies in Milton. He or she will be asked to explain why they are calling. Once that’s done, either the IVR will answer the question for them directly or direct them to a person who can assist them.

Save Time

Using IVR as the middleman will save you time by not having to answer every single call at your pharmacies in Milton. Having this extra time will allow you to take care of other tasks that require critical thinking and human attention. Using the IVR, customers can also retrieve important personal information and medication details without waiting on hold for an employee.

Reducing interruptions

When employees at drug stores in Milton are constantly interrupted by phone calls, they are distracted from their tasks and make mistakes. IVR will eliminate the need for your staff to constantly stop and start their tasks throughout the day. By knowing that incoming calls will be filtered through the IVR, they will be able to focus on their tasks and be more productive.

Auto-complete general inquiries

In addition to providing general store information, your IVR system can allow patients to request medication refills or check on the status of their prescriptions. All of this can be accomplished automatically through the system without staff involvement.

24-Hour Service

Automated phone systems allow you to receive and answer calls at any time of day or night. Despite being unable to speak with a member of staff after hours, patients can still get general information and request prescription refills. Any prescription requests that came in overnight will be forwarded to your staff in the morning.

Create custom messages and advertisements

A customized message can be recorded for your pharmacy to play each time someone calls. This can be a friendly greeting or an opportunity to announce an event or offer at your pharmacy.

A pharmacy’s technology or software is the heart of the operation, but there are several additional integrations that can complement your workflow at medical shops in Milton and help improve it. As part of growing your pharmacy business, selecting the right integrations is another crucial step.

total_healthWhy Your Pharmacy Needs an IVR System for Patient Engagement

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