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Make your Health & Wellness Easy With THP Milton

The best and efficient pharmacy is within yourself. When this internal pharmacy breaks down, you need the guidance of experts to customize medications according to your needs, deliver them at the right time to nurse you back to health. Start your health and wellness process with THP Milton, the best pharmacy Milton. With our more than decade-long experience, we offer guidance, vaccination, fast delivery of medicines, etc.

Why should people choose THP Milton among all medical shops in Milton?

  1. Vaccination: During this Pandemic, we are providing Covid-19 vaccines. You can book your appointments online and visit our pharmacy on time to avoid queues.
  2. Direct contact with insurance Company: We make sure you get your medical claims on time by dealing with insurance companies directly.
  3. Online prescription fill-up: Avoid lining up in queues in times like this and save time as well by filling out prescription details on our website, and we tell you when to visit our pharmacy to pick up your medicines, we do doorstep delivery as well.
  4. Creating health records: People are leading the busiest lives these days. Can’t keep track of their medical information. We help to maintain health records.
  5. Affordable healthcare: We know middle-class and lower-middle-class people spend 25% of their income on medical bills. We help to save your pocket by offering maximum discounts, cashback on medicine and healthcare products.
  6. Discretion: One benefit of buying medicines for chronic diseases or contraceptives online is that you don’t have to feel shy to buy them in person.
  7. OMRP & OSCP: THP Milton tied up with the Ontario stewardship program for the safe disposal of sharp medical objects from the public. We joined hands with the Ontario Medicine Return Program for over-the-counter medicines, anti-fungal creams, homeopathic medicines, etc.

Listing down the times when you can visit THP pharmacy Milton than rush to doctor’s office

  1. In various states of Canada, pharmacists are trained to give subcutaneous and intramuscular injections to patients or teach patients to take themselves. You can have Covid vaccination here as well.
  2. Pharmacists here can help you with generic equivalent over-the-counter medicines for flu, cough, headache or muscle ache, period cramps, etc saving you money from doctor’s appointments.
  3. If you are a recently diagnosed diabetic patient, our pharmacists can help you with navigating diabetic medications according to your lifestyle, administering insulin, acquainting you with dos and don’ts.
  4. If you have any questions about a prescription or over-the-counter medication, don’t call the doctor’s office, our pharmacists will give you thorough details about medications.
  5. Children, the elderly even some adults find it hard to swallow pills. Our expert pharmacists offer you ways to flavor liquid medicine or ways to gulp them with juices.
  6. In cases of minor diseases, you must visit the emergency department. For minor cough, flu, skin rashes you can consult our pharmacists.

Ways pharmacists are saving people’s lives

Pharmacists do much more than people are willing to admit. Here are the ways they are saving our lives:

  1. Pharmacists offer convenient, basic testing and wellness services to all. Every Canadian resides within 2 miles of a pharmacy. So it’s easier to access highly-trained knowledgeable professionals.
  2. Pharmacists are integral among a team of health professionals. They serve to identify problems and provide the right medications in the right course of action for a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Doctors often consult with pharmacists to prescribe medications for acute or chronic illnesses and quality of life care.
  4. Pharmacists not only prescribe medication but also research that also leads to medical advancements, creating protocols to save lives. Pharmacists work in various locations and capacities such as hospitals, clinics, community pharmacies, government agencies, research centers, etc.

7 ways to increase non-prescription sales in drugstores in Milton

  1. Market research: 43% of unit sales of over-the-counter medicines include allergy medicine, pain relief, vitamin, and dietary supplements. Do thorough research about what sells most and what retail products are trending.
  2. Training pharmacy team to cross-sell and upsell: Most people don’t take doctor’s recommendations before buying supplements, train your pharmacy team to upsell nutrition depletion supplements to increase sales.
  3. Strong customer relationship: Customer service is very important for competitive advantage. If customers have a good relationship with your pharmacists, they are likely to return to the store.
  4. Using floor plan: The prescription counter and the checkout register area have the most foot traffic. Layout your merchandise in and around these places for visitors to notice them and buy.
  5. Stocking related products closely: stock related products close by to increase retail sales. For example, if you have the flu, you will need boxes of tissues as well.


From minor aches to regular medications for diabetes or chronic diseases, you should visit THP Milton, the best pharmacy Milton. For quick consultations, information regarding medicines, maximum discounts on MRP of medicines, vaccination, health record, join our website today.

total_healthMake your Health & Wellness Easy With THP Milton

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