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How can Pharmacies Help People Live Healthier Lives?

Pharmacies in Milton and across Canada can do so much more to help people lead healthy lives. Many people do not realize but the role of pharmacists can be vital in the entire healthcare system. The job goes beyond delivering medicines prescribed by doctors and leans towards ensuring that patients lead healthier lives. In this blog, we have listed several ways in which pharmacists from medical shops in Milton can a critical role, focusing on medication management, preventive care and patient health education.

Medication Management

It is important for several patients to not miss any of their medicines in order to keep any health risks at bay. Patients with chronic illnesses need regular refills before they run out of medicines at home. There are times when patients may forget to refill or find themselves in an emergency situation without essential drugs.

Reliable drug stores in Milton offer medication management services, which include timely refills. Total Health Pharmacy has a comprehensive system to manage medication refills online. Talk to our experts at 905-876-4440 to know more.

Blister Packing Services

Several patients have daily medication needs and often they get confused about which medicines to take at what time and day. Reputed medical shops in Milton offer labelled and customized blister packing services to patients, helping them easily remember medicines and maintain a proper medication schedule.

At Total Health Pharmacy, we offer blister packing services to our patients who want to secure their medicines from external exposures s and also keep a track of their medication schedule.

Medical Records

Many of the technologically advanced medical shops in Milton have proper digital infrastructure to maintain the medical records of patients. They offer services to patients in creating and regularly updating their health records. Accurate and updated health records are of great help to healthcare professionals. Every single detail mentioned in the medical records contributes to better diagnosis and treatment in a timely way.

Some of the other benefits of maintaining health records include quick claims processing and reimbursement. At Total Health Pharmacy, one of the leading drug stores in Milton, we have a comprehensive system to maintain the medical records of patients. Call 905-876-4440 to know more.

Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins and mineral supplements have become indispensable in managing chronic diseases and ensuring optimum health. Pharmacies in Milton which stock health supplements, depending on doctor’s prescription, can help patients choose the right products and advice on usage guidelines. Each supplement product has different ingredients in different compositions and quantities. Pharmacists can help patients select appropriate supplements depending on their unique health needs.


At Total Health Pharmacy, one of the best pharmacies in Milton, we have an extensive range of supplements and multivitamins that can ensure better immunity and fulfill daily nutritional requirements.

Some of the other ways pharmacies in Milton can improve patient’s lives.

  • Ensure that the drug given to the patient is in the right dosage
  • Cross-check whether the prescribed medicines does not negatively impact any allergies or other medications of patients
  • Inform patients about any potential side effects of medications and how to take them properly, including time, manner and demonstration if needed.
  • Review all the medications of patients and recommend ideal ways to take multiple medications at once
  • Provide seasonal flu shots to all eligible customers
  • Renew prescription during appropriate times
  • Offer medication refill services
  • Prescribe right ways and medication to help patients quit smoking and offer ongoing support
  • Teach patients how to use medical devices, such as an inhaler spacing device and blood glucose meter
  • Keep the medical records updated and on a secured server to avoid potential data breaches or loss
  • Ensure all the medical paperwork has correct spelling and other personal information of patients

About Total Health Pharmacy:

Total Health Pharmacy has evolved from being a simple pharmacy store to a comprehensive neighbourhood medical shop in Milton, offering services that cater to the everyday medical needs of families. Visit us or call 905-876-4440.

total_healthHow can Pharmacies Help People Live Healthier Lives?

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