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Understanding Key Differences between Pharmacy, Chemist/Druggist and Pharmacist

There are several medical shops in Milton. If you also search on the web ‘Drug Store near me’, there will be a long list of medical shops, chemists, druggists, and pharmacies in Milton that you will come across. The main product available in most of the pharmacies is prescription and non-prescription drugs. Along with the drugs, several medical shops in Milton also stock up toiletries, vitamins, cleaning supplies, and body essentials.

Prescription Drugs

This category of drugs available at pharmacies in Milton and across the World and it strictly requires a doctor’s prescription. These drugs are regulated and require a patient to visit a qualified prescriber. Diagnosis and regular monitoring is done by the prescriber to make sure that the drugs are effective and improve patient’s health.

Prescription drugs are used to cure a specific medical condition of a patient. To ensure effective medication, doctors consider the patient’s history, current condition, allergies, and body vitals. They are stronger compared to other non-prescription drugs, and that’s why it is prescribed by a qualified practitioner because what is effective for one patient might be medically dangerous for another patient.

Non-Prescription Drugs

Also called as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, non-prescription drugs are available at all medical stops in Milton and across the World. They do not require any prescription from a qualified prescriber.

OTC drugs are used to treat minor ailments. Any major medical condition needs powerful prescription drugs. OTC drugs are not as strong as prescription drugs and thus have wider safe usage. What it means is more people can use it as compared to prescription drugs. OTC drugs do no rely on lab tests and need self-diagnosis of symptoms felt by the individual. The benefits of these drugs are far more than their risks. There is a minimal risk concerning any misuse and abuse.

OTC drugs are manufactured for general medical ailments and include creams, nasal sprays, eye drops, etc.


Along with the drugs, medical pharmacies also provide several kinds of regularly used toiletries, which include face wash, body wash, sanitizers, soaps deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, and other personal grooming and hygiene products. Many pharmacy shops in Milton also provide a range of cleaning aids and supplies like laundry detergents.


This category of products is also easily available in pharmacies. Just like non-prescription drugs, vitamins and minerals supplements also do not require a prescription. However, it is advised that people do not directly consume vitamins or minerals without consulting an expert first, as they may react differently with different persons. That’s why many people consult experienced pharmacists before using vitamins or minerals.

Now, let’s understand the difference between Pharmacy, Pharmacist, and Chemist/Druggist?


It is a retail shop where activities like compounding, preparation of dosage form as well as selling of medicines are carried out under the constant supervision of a qualified and registered pharmacist.


A chemist/druggist is a medical shop which is only limited to selling of medicines. It is not involved in compounding or preparing medicines.

Pharmacy as well as Druggist/chemist are directly involved in the retail sale of medicines to people.


Pharmacists are licensed and registered professionals who have in-depth knowledge of medicines and help patients get access to the right prescription and non-prescription drugs. Different pharmacists have different ways of operations and general practices, but their common responsibilities include:

  • Providing medicines to patients, ensuring the safety and right delivery of medicine dosage.
  • Constant review of the patient’s health and monitoring the effect of medications to achieve the best results.
  • Providing feedback and collaborating with healthcare professionals like doctors, physicians, nurses. Giving feedback and helping in the understanding of the effectiveness of medications.
  • Provide education and advice to people on the use of prescription drugs and suggesting the right dosage and usage of general over-the-counter medications.
  • Give detailed information about the drug composition based on their chemical, physical, and biological properties.
  • Monitoring of medicine stock and verifying their expiration dates.

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total_healthUnderstanding Key Differences between Pharmacy, Chemist/Druggist and Pharmacist

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